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紫米豆沙粽 【Dual Coloured Red Bean paste Dumplings】

正当着手预备材料时, 瞄了一眼橱柜角落那些剩余的紫米, 花生,眉豆 以及红豆。  原本只想裹家乡的花生豆沙粽子。  而这一刻忽然改变主意, 把心一横将所有剩余的豆豆们都加入了,终于可以也清货了。

紫米豆沙粽, 12粒

60克花生, 浸泡隔夜

1.  将所有材料洗净, 沥干水份, 然后再把所有材料混合均匀, 加入1茶匙盐, 搅匀备用。

【自制豆沙馅, 食谱参考这里


1.  将粽叶以清水浸泡隔夜, 清洗干净并煎去硬蒂以及剪齐叶子的尾部。
2.  取2片粽叶, 折成圆筒, 加入适量糯米, 然后舀入豆沙馅料。
3.  最后再以糯米覆盖, 盖上粽叶并以粽绳绑好。
4.  取一大锅子, 加入足够的清水, 然后将捆扎好的粽子放入锅里, 盖上锅盖, 以中火煮至2小时半或3小时。  (必须将所有的粽子浸泡水里, 在煮粽子的过程中, 亦可添加热水。)
5.  取出煮熟的粽子,吊起滴干水份, 即可食用。

【Dual Coloured Red Bean paste Dumplings, 12 pieces】

【Ingredients A】
350g glutinous rice
60g dark glutinous rice
100g black-eyed pea
100g red bean
60g peanut , soaked overnight

*  at least 24 bamboo leaves (need 2 per bak zhang) 

1.  Wash and drain all the ingredients, and then mix all evenly.  Add 1 tsp of salt, mix well.

【Homemade Red Bean Paste with Palm Sugar,  recipe refer HERE

 [ Assembled]
1.  Soak the bamboo leaves in a large pot of cold water overnight.  Wash and drain it.  Then trim the ends if necessary.
2.  Using two pieces of leaves, and place them in opposite directors the tail end of one lining up with the end of the other.)  From leave into cone, fill the cone with glutinous rice and add in red bean paste .
3.  Then, top with more glutinous rice, till you reach the brim of the cone and form into the shape of dumpling. Secure the hemp leaves or string.
4.  Boil water in large pot, bring it to boil.  Gently place the bak zhang into the water (make sure the entire bak zhang is submerged in water).  Cover the pot with lid,  and cook over medium heat for 2 1/2 hours or 3 hours.
5.  Once cooked, remove from the pot and hang them up to remove excess water.  Serve with kampung koh chili sauce.

** In accordance with Fuzhou rice dumplings (Zongzi) method, glutinous rice is not soaked overnight.

裹了5粒家乡的花生豆沙粽子, 亦可以眉豆来取代。

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