Monday, 8 May 2017

巧克力芝士蛋糕 【Chocolate Cheese Cake】

涂完蛋糕时, 遥望窗外已经看不到天空的一片云, 蔚蓝的天空已变得阴暗灰蒙蒙了。  只怪自己的手脚慢了几拍, 搞到姗姗来迟的小星星们都前来探班咯! 望着那密密麻麻的的乌云, 让人纳闷极了。  此刻手提着相机,犹豫着拍或是不拍啊! 

结果, 开了家里的黄灯, 拍了几张。 然后,又关了黄灯再拍了几张,黄油油的灯光 ,泄气啊!虽然这个蛋糕做的不够完美, 虽然鲜奶油涂抹得不够圆滑, 此时只希望天空还我明媚的太阳哦!

做给友人的生日蛋糕, 参考了巧克力提拉米苏蛋糕, 不同的是这次采用了philadelphia cheese为了消掉冰箱里的芝士。 

【Chocolate Cheese Cake】

[Ingredients], 7-inches round mould
100g bitter sweet chocolate
100g UHT whipping cream(add with chocolate and melt it)

4 large eggs (1 egg 65-67g each)
65g corn oil
30g unsweeted cocoa powder
50g cake flour

4 egg whites
1/2 tsp lemon juice
30g brown sugar

【Cake base preparation】
1.  In a small bowl, melt chocolate with UHT whipping cream by using the double boiled method. Mix to combine, set aside.
2.  Sieve cocoa powder and cake flour together, set aside.  
3.  Mix egg yolk and corn oil, then add in chocolated mixture (step 1).  Mix the mixture until well combined.
4.  Add in flour mixture, mix until incorporated.
5.  Mix egg white, lemon juice until mixture form soft peak, then gradually add in sugar whisk until frothy and still speaks form.
6.  Gently fold in egg white mixture into chocolate batter (step 3) until combined. Pour the mixture into 7 inches round cake pan, lightly tap the pan to remove air bubble.
7.  Bake in preheated oven at 165 for 45-50 minutes or until cooked.
8.  Remove cake from oven, invert cake onto table and leave to cool before cutting into 3 layers.

【Chocolate cheese filling】

2 egg yolks
50g castor sugar
50g fresh milk
6g gelatin powder or gelatin sheet
200g philadelphia cheese
200g UHT whipping cream (Whipped)

【To apply on cake layers】
30g Khalue coffee liquid
1 tsp instant coffee powder+ some hot water, mix well

【Chocolate ganache】

50g dark chocolate (chopped)
2 1/2 tbsp fresh milk
10g unsalted butter 

【Top Layer】
150g whipped cream

【Decoration】 pocky chocolate stick

【To assemble cake】
1.  In a small bowl, soak gelatin sheet in the cool water until soft state and squeeze up the water.
2.  Mix egg yolk, sugar and fresh milk together, then double boiled it and keep stirring until the bubble state. Remove heat.
3.  Add in gelatin sheet (step 1) , the add in cream cheese and mix well until smooth.
4.  Whipped UHT whipping cream until speaks form. (whisk above 7-8 minutes)
5.  Add the whipped cream into cream cheese mixture until well combine.  (Divide the mixture into 3 portions equally.)
6.  Place the 1st slice of cake into 7 inches round cake pan, then apply some kahlue coffee liquid on the layer of the cake.
7. Pour with cream cheese filling on the cake, cover with the 2nd layer of the cake.  Repeat the same till the last layer.  Lastly, cover the last portion of cream cheese filling on top of the cake.  
8.  Chill the cake for 6-7 hours or overnight.
9.  Remove the cake, cover the whole cake with whipped cream and smooth the side and top.
10.  Chill the cake again for 1 hour, then pour chocolate ganache over the cake, let it flow naturally.  Sprinkle with pocky chocolate stick or decorate as your own desire.


黄灯下拍摄, 泛黄的照片!

取了可爱友人的切片蛋糕图, 谢谢你哦!

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