Monday 18 April 2016

墨西哥咖啡面包【Mexican Coffee Bun 】

时光飞逝,相隔了3年,再度贴上墨西哥面包的帖子。  依稀记得去年, 经不住孩子们的苦苦要求, 也重温了这个”"ROTIBOY"的食谱。说起这面包, 不管是上到哪儿, 走到哪儿,  只要是被那几个瓜看到“RotiBoy"的店铺, 都必须买下6个(6个较划算嘛)。  然后就会边啃边说,”娘啊娘。。。你很久很久没做RotiBoy了哦!”  

偶尔啊, 当人懒了下来时,像这类步骤多多,揉了面团还要搅拌面糊的,只能等待好时机才能动手!

【墨西哥咖啡面包, 可做19个】

165克奶油, 100克黄糖, 3粒鸡蛋(52克连壳 x 3粒), 2大匙咖啡粉+1大匙热水(调匀), 150克蛋糕粉

1.  将奶油和黄糖搅打至松发乳白, 逐粒加入鸡蛋搅拌至均匀。
2.  拌入咖啡酱和面粉, 搅拌均匀。  将面糊装入挤花袋中, 放入冰箱里冷藏备用。

面包食谱和做法, 参考汤种~北海道牛奶面包
** 将面团平割成19份(每份55克),揉圆, 休面10分钟。  
** 擀成圆形, 包入10克的奶油(必须捏紧封口,否则奶油在烘烤时容易泄出),  盖上湿布, 进行发酵40分钟至双倍大。  
**  将面糊从冰箱里取出, 顺着圆圈挤在面团上(不必挤完整粒, 挤满表面即可)。
** 放入预热烤箱以180度烘烤25分钟即可。  

【Mexican Coffee Bun, yields 19 bun

[Coffee Topping]
165g butter, 100g brown sugar, 3 eggs (with shell 52g each), 
2 tbsp coffee powder + 1 tbsp hot water (mixed), 150g cake flour

1.  Cream butter and brown sugar until mixture is light and fluffy.  Gradually beat in eggs and mix well.
2.  Mix in coffee flavoring, and sift flour onto mixture and mix until combined.  Scoop mixture into piping bag and refrigerate the mixture for later use. 

Bun recipe and method, please refer to Tangzhong~ Hokkaido Milk Bun
** When the dough is ready to use, divide the dough into 19 portion equally (55g each).  Roll each portion into a ball and cover with wet cloth, let it rest for 10 minutes.
**  Flatten a ball of dough,  place a 10g cube of butter into center and wrap it (must thoroughly pinch and seal closely, otherwise butter will easily spill during baking),  cover with wet cloth and let it proof for 40 minutes or until doubled in size. 
**  Remove the topping mixture from the fridge, and pipe the topping in a spiral pattern on the buns.  (Just pipe to cover the surface ).  
**  Place it in preheated oven at 180C for 25 minutes.  


  1. Drooling on your homemade Roti Boy ! Looks really tempting.
    Enjoy & have a great week ahead.
    Blessings, Kristy

  2. 从早等到夜晚,终于等到你家圆滚滚的roti boy出现,我不管啦,我要吃也要打包给娜娜做明早的早餐哦,哈哈哈哈哈

  3. 喜欢Roti boy的咖啡香味,我要半个就好!嘻嘻

  4. 闻到墨西哥面包的咖啡香,就会忍不住要伸手拿一个呀。

  5. 里面有牛油的,我suka。。。

  6. I love Mexican Buns, I can imagine the beautiful aroma filling your house when you took the buns out from the oven... Yum!

  7. 我来迟了,不过我猜想你一定会留给我的。。。咔咔咔~

  8. I love Roti Boy. Buy more than I bake.

  9. 赞同啊,我也偷懒了三个月多了,要快点归队啦,不然真的什么都没得吃啦!

  10. 我小时候一直会吵妈妈买


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