Tuesday, 30 June 2015

绿茶蛋糕卷 (Green Tea Swiss Roll)

若干年前卷的蛋糕, 依稀记得是和这个蛋糕一起卷的。 这是孩子们都不爱的口味,因贪图绿茶有着漂亮的外衣, 就破例的做来自己啃。 岂知, 出炉后看到那“鸭粪色”, 就倒味了! 竟然连拍都不拍, 马上切了一半给了弟媳。

后来,又被弟媳赞了赞, 声称这蛋糕好吃, 而且和蛋糕店的绿茶蛋糕颜色大同小异。 是吗? 是吗? 但是, 看过人家的却是很艳很漂亮的綠色呢!

不赞还好, 一赞就即刻将冰箱里原封不动的半条蛋糕取出, 拍了几张!收藏了近一年,是时候让它出街了! 嘻嘻。。 

烤盘23cm x 27cm

3粒大蛋(约165克), 70克細糖, 40克低筋面粉, 10克綠茶粉, 25克鲜奶

140克鮮奶油, 10克糖粉, 切片火龙果

1. 将鸡蛋和細糖以电动搅拌机打发至浓稠,画过的面糊稍后才消失。
2. 将低筋面粉和綠茶粉混合过筛,倒入打发的的做法(1)蛋液中,翻拌均匀。 
3. 分次的加入牛奶,并搅拌翻拌至均匀。
4. 将面糊倒入铺放油纸的烤盘里, 铺平, 放入预热烤箱以165度,烘烤20分钟出炉。
5. 取出, 将四边的油纸撕开, 放在铁架上冷却。 
6. 这时, 将内馅的鲜奶油加入糖粉打发, 备用。
7. 将蛋糕底部的油纸撕下,再重新更换一张油纸,将蛋糕表皮朝上,抹上奶油,摆上火龙果片,并小心卷起。
8. 放入冰箱冷藏室待蛋糕固定后,再切片。

【Dark Chocolate Roll】

3 eggs(165g), 70g castor sugar, 40g high ratio flour
10g green tea powder, 25g fresh milk

140g whipping cream, 10g icing  sugar and dragon fruit (diced)

1. Mix flour and dark green tea powder and sieve, set aside. 
2. In a bowl, combine eggs and sugar and whisk until pale, thick and fluffy (approximately 10-15minutes) 
3. Add flour mixture into the egg mixture, whisk until smooth and well combined.
4. Pour the fresh milk over the batter, and use a spatula mix well until incorporated. 
5. Pour the batter into cake pan with lined parchment paper and lightly tap the pan to remove air bubble.
6. Bake in preheated oven at 165C for 20 minutes or until cooked.
7. Remove from pan and leave to cool completely.
8. Whip whipping cream until stiff peak form.
9. Turned the cake onto a parchment paper and slowly peel of the baking paper from paper, spread evenly a layer of whipped cream and place some dragon fruit on top of the cream.
10. Gently roll up the cake from the edge, wrap in cling wrap and refrigerate the roll  an hour until it firm and set.


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  1. 这绿也有它的美哦^^

  2. 绿茶口味合我意,下次倒味联系我啊!

  3. Hi May,

    This is a pretty combination using green tea and dragon fruit to make this Swiss roll.


  4. 我陪你喝喝茶就好了,可以吗?哈哈

  5. 好美的蛋糕卷,我的总是卷得不堪入目,555

  6. 希望不会来的太迟。。。那一片当宵夜 :D

  7. 加上火龙果,还是红色滴。。。好重本的瑞士卷。。我要我要

  8. 只能想象龙珠果和绿茶的味道。。。好想吃一块。。不,两块!

  9. Hi May,
    Very special combination of your lovely Green Tea Swiss Roll. But my big kids don't like green tea. Wish I could join you to have a yummy slice.

  10. 内馅用了火龙果好特别哦!谢谢这么棒的分享!祝周末愉快! 


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