Wednesday, 14 September 2016

传统月饼~莲蓉馅 【Traditional Mooncake~Lotus paste】

做了一小份的莲蓉馅月饼, 随意的拍了几张做个记录吧!

传统月饼~白莲蓉馅共做7个80克, 2个125克



1.  将糖浆, 碱水和花生油混合均匀, 加入面粉搅拌成面团, 静置2-3小时至不粘水后方可使用。
2.  将面团分割成适合模具的份量, 搓圆。 
3.  将面团擀成圆形,包入有份馅料, 收紧封口, 搓圆。
4.  将裹好的月饼球放入月模里, 以手指紧压, 直接压入烤盘里。
5.  送入预热烤箱以170度烘烤10分钟, 取出, 静置10分钟至冷却后, 涂上有层蛋液。
6.  再度送入烤箱里, 继续烘烤15分钟至熟或上色。
7.  取出, 放在铁架上散热, 待回油2-3天后即可享用。

给自己的记录, 这个食谱共做了以下的份量:
~ 月饼重量80克, 馅料35克+1粒咸蛋黄
~ 月饼重量80克,馅料50克无咸蛋

~ 月饼重量125克, 馅料75克+1粒咸蛋黄)

【Traditional Mooncakes~ White lotus paste】
yields 125g~2 mooncakes and 80g ~ 7 mooncakes

[Dough ingredients]
150g low flour/cake flour
105g golden syrup
28g peanut oil or cooking oil
1/4 tsp alkaline water/lye water

320g white lotus paste + 50g roasted almond slice 

1.  Combine all the ingredients (except flour), mix well. 
2.  Add in flour into syrup mixture, mix to florm a soft and smooth dough.  Cover dough with plastic clip wrap and let it rest for 2 hours at room temperature.  
3.  Divide dough accordingly to fit your mooncake moud and shape into balls. 4.  Flatten a portion of dough, place a ball of filling into the centre, wrap up and seal edges.  
5.  Press gently into a mooncake mould, slowly remove the mooncake and place on a baking tray.
6.  Bake in preheated oven at 175C for 10 minutes, remove from oven and leave mooncakes to cool for 10 minutes.  Brush mooncakes with glaze (egg wash)
7.  Return mooncakes to oven and continue to bake for 15 minutes. 8.  Remove from oven and store mooncakes for 2 days to allow pastry to soften before serving.

For my own records:
~ weight of mooncake 80g, filling 35g + 1 egg yolk
~ weight of mooncake 80g, filling 50g without egg yolk
~ weight of mooncake 125g, filling 75g + 1 egg yolk

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